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                                        About us
                                        The company 'behind' Incorporator -
                                        Incorporator and Incorporator.com.au
                                        are trading names of -

                                        Legal-E (D.I.Y.) Pty Ltd
                                        ACN 091 035 684
                                        ABN 92 091 035 684

                                        Established -
                                        December 2000

                                        ASIC Registered Agent Number -

                                        ASIC Registered ECR (Electronic Company Registration) compliant software registration number -

                                        Digital encryption security provider -
                                        Sectigo Secure

                                        Customer distribution -
                                        Being an online service with a national reach, Incorporator's customers are from all over Australia (including many from country and regional areas). Further, Incorporator's customer numbers from each Australian city or region are roughly in proportion to the relative populations of each such Australian city or region (e.g. most customers are from Sydney, second most are from Melbourne, third most are from Brisbane/Gold Coast etc.)

                                        Physical location -
                                        281 Sandgate Road
                                        QLD 4010

                                        Mailing address -
                                        PO Box 507
                                        QLD 4011

                                        Email address -

                                        Customer help number -
                                        1300 653 373
                                        (Local call price from a landline from anywhere in Australia.)
                                        (Answered from 9am to 5pm - AEST - Monday to Friday - excluding Public Holidays.)

                                        Staffing -
                                        Incorporator is principally staffed by experienced formerly practising solicitors (See FAQ 'Who wrote Incorporator?').

                                        Awards -
                                        • CCH Legal Technology Award 2001 - 1st Prize Australia wide.
                                        • Channel Nine Small Business Show - Best Business Software Awards 2001 - Runner-up Award Australia wide.
                                        • Oracle Asia-Pacific Qld ICT Awards 2001 - Best IT Start Up Company.
                                        (For further details of each award click on the relevant logo below.)

                                        Press coverage -
                                        Incorporator has received a good deal of laudatory magazine and newspaper coverage - you may view a small sample of this coverage by clicking the following links:
                                        Customer testimonials -
                                        If you click here you may view a small selection of the numerous highly complimentary comments received from customers of the Australian Website.

                                        Bankers -
                                        Westpac Banking Corporation

                                        Secure eCommerce Online Payment System Provider -
                                        VeriSign Australia

                                        Solicitors, and Patent and Trademark Attorneys -
                                        MLC Centre
                                        Martin Place
                                        NSW 2000

                                        Related sites -
                                        1. TradingAs.com.au (Australia's first non-government automated online 24/7 Australian business name registration system).
                                        2. The shareholders of Incorporator are also shareholders of UKcorporator.com Pty Limited ACN 099 486 352 which has built a system (similar to Incorporator) for UK company formation.



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